Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Want to Know?

 Where do you source your fuel and other products?

Our fuel products are purchased from quality fuel suppliers with all of our other products being locally sourced.

How do I know what the gas price will be for the day?

We base our fuel prices on the popular full-service stations in Saskatoon.

How does the payment for fuel work?

We will be offering two methods of payment, one of which will be paying at the time of your service where we meet you at your vehicle and collect the payment following completing the service. The other is similar to a gas station where when you book we will pre-authorize your card for $150 and following servicing your vehicle we will adjust the payment to the amount and send you a receipt to reflect the payment and work done.

How do you find my vehicle and have access to any areas that are needed?

We will locate your vehicle based on your location, vehicle description, and license plate. In order to ensure we can access everything that is needed for your service please ensure the gas flap is open as well as the hood if required.