Who We Are and What We Do

Our Story

Drive By Gas is a locally owned and operated fuel delivery company here in Saskatoon. Its two owners were born and raised in Saskatoon with the goal of this company being to help further develop the beautiful city. Mat Lukash and Andrew Wionzek take pride in the fact that their company can help contribute to the local economy and have a goal of giving back to the community whenever possible. They started this company to help people and businesses in Saskatoon get more time back in their life to do what really matters to them!

Meet The Men Behind The Idea

Mat Lukash

Mat was born and raised in Saskatoon and studied commerce at the University of Saskatchewan. He see's this service as a great way to help other small business out there that are looking to increase productivity to compete with the larger corporations and businesses.

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Andrew Wionzek

Andrew was born and raised in Saskatoon attending Saskatchewan Polytechnic. In many of his previous roles, he often worked early mornings and late nights. Visiting the gas station after a long day of work was not a stop that he wanted to make. He saw this service as a solution to that unwanted stop.

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